<aside> ‼️ This testnet is not a persistent network. It is expected to be around until middle of January.** We may also restart the network at our discretion in order to fix bugs quickly.



This document outlines how to participate in the Beta testnet of Optimism Bedrock on Goerli. It assumes some familiarity with what Bedrock is, and is geared towards developers looking to test how their infrastructure and dApps integrate with the new network.

<aside> ⚠️ While the Bedrock Beta uses Goerli as its L1, it is a separate network from our production Optimism Goerli network. The Bedrock Alpha Testnet has been spun down, and we recommend all parties test on the Beta Bedrock Testnet.


Next Steps

👉 ****If you are an infrastructure provider, check out Running a Node for how to spin up your own beta Bedrock node.

👉 If you are a dApp developer looking to deploy on Bedrock or a user looking to transact on Bedrock, check out Usage Guide for how to use the network.

👉 To learn more about what Bedrock is, check out the announcement post as well as our protocol introduction.

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues you find with the devnet to the #bedrock channel on Discord.


Usage Guide

Running a Node

Contract Addresses


Network Info

Network Info