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Welcome 🔴✨

Dear Badgeholders,

If you’re reading this manual, you likely are already familiar with the context around OP’s RetroPGF experiments. If you’d like a refresher, please read through our recent RetroPGF Round 2 announcement post or visit our governance documentation.

We are excited to welcome your expertise into the initial iteration of the Optimism Citizens’ House. As a citizen, your primary responsibility at this stage is to help allocate public goods funding in the Optimism ecosystem.

This document is your guide to voting in RetroPGF 2.

📌 The Basics

RetroPGF 2 consists of several phases. Your primary responsibility is in Step 3. Voting.

1. Badgeholder distribution

From Dec 3 → Jan 15, the Optimism Foundation will reach out to potential badgeholders to collect voting addresses and contact information. If you accept your voting badge, you will be given write access a public Discord channel that we’ll use as our primary communication channel.

2. Project Nominations

From Jan 17 → Jan 31, any community member can nominate a project or person for funding by posting on the Optimism Governance Forum. Nominated projects must complete a profile in the RetroPGF application manager in order to be eligible for voting.

As a badgeholder, you are welcome to nominate projects yourself. You’re also welcome to engage in public discussion on the types of nominations you’d like to see.